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Long back in 1960 there was very pathetic condition of officers’ class in our Bank particularly in the matter of their respect and dignity. There were no set rules in the matter of their service condition. Under such a situation first time in our Bank in 1964 Officers came forward under the leadership of Sri Upadhaya and formed Central Bank Officers Association, UP and got it registered at Kanpur with Central Office at Lucknow. The said organisation was formed of the Officers by the Officers and for the Officers to struggle against the injustice and victimization. Since its inception our Association (CBOA), Federation (AICBOF) and Confederation (AIBOC) is sole majority organization at Zonal, All India and Industry level. It is pertinent to mention here that due to majority character of Federation the Officers nominee on Bank’s Board were nominated from our federation only. Those who served on Banks Board representing our Federation were S/Sri R R Kumar, S/Shri V S Chaube, S/Shri R C Agarwal, S/Sri N K Pareekh, and presently Sri S B Rode is Officers Director.

On this 50th remarkable year of our Association we with respectful regards remember those great leaders who fought for justice and better service conditions of officers class. It is pertinent to mention here that the contribution of S/Sri Upadhaya, R D Sharma, R G Kapoor, V S Chaube, Ramji Purwar, V C Jain can never be forgetten. The contribution of Sri O P Awasthi in serving the Officers cause since about last 30 years is most significant in Association history. The sincere dedication and efforts made in uplifting the strength of organisation by previous General Secretaries Sri S K Dasgupta and Sri B M Tripathi is laudable. The membership of the Association in Lucknow Zone saw a steep rise in the era of Sri S K Dasgupta. In Deoria region the membership was 100% at that time. At present Sri Vivek Pandey and Sri Atul Kumar Srivatava are President and General Secretary respectively along with their team and are looking the affairs of the Association in a very successful manner. The great organisation is exclusively responsible for changing the service conditions of Officers community and maintaining their dignity and position at Bank and Industry level through a great struggle and by bipartite settlements with IBA/Government level.

Central Bank Officers’ Association, U.P. was formed in 1964 and was registered at Kanpur. Since then the organisation is fighting for the cause of Officers. CBOA, Lucknow is affiliated to All India Central Bank Officers Federation and to All India Bank Officers’ Confederation at apex level.

This is non-political organization not affiliated to any Political party or organization. The federation has never lagged behind in upholding the dignity of officers. Whenever danger was passed either to the organisation or to its membership, battles lines have been drawn. The federation has never been shy of fighting for the cause of officers.

The objectives of the Association are to –

  • Educate the membership against the devastating effects of globalization, liberalization and privatization. Defend the sovereignty and secular democratic fabric of our country.
  • Defend our demographic and cultural values and to fight against all corrupt practices.
  • Faster coordination, unity & fraternity amongst all section of employees in the industry in particular and working class in general.

To uphold the Dignity, Self respect and status of the officers.
To provide protection to the officers against Favouritism, Victimisation and Vindictive Actions.
To struggle to maintain the sanctity of Settlements and Policies and to protect the interest of the officers.

Settle and improve Service Conditions in the areas of

  • Salaries and Allowances
  • Perquisites and Facilities
  • Promotion Policy
  • Transfer Policy

Redressal of individual Grievances
  • To help in Disciplinary action by Guiding in submission of replies
  • Providing service of Defence Representatives

Welfare Schemes of the Federation
  • Benevolent Fund Family Maintenance Subsidy
  • Meritorious Children Scholarships & Awards
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Emergency Loan
  • Guest House

  • To stop Unilateralism, Violation of Policies
  • To safeguard the interest of the Officers' Community

  • Bimonthly Journal AICBOF Newsletter
  • Periodical Circulars to disseminate latest information
  • Book on Service Conditions and Service Record
  • Promotion Digest
  • Computer and its Applications
  • Book on Pension Regulations
  • Conduct & Discipline & Appeal Regulations for Bank Officers

At Bank level
  • To represent the officers in the Welfare Committee for framing the Welfare Schemes
  • To represent the officers on the Board of the bank
  • To represent and protect the interest of the officers in the Provident Fund, Pension Fund & Gratuity Fund Trusts

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